The 7 Best Christian Books for Young Ladies

by ThoughtLab Marketing on October 21, 2021

Getting your kids to read is difficult enough, let alone finding a book about Christianity that won’t completely bore them. At such an impressionable age, you want to find books that teach values while also being both inspirational and entertaining. However, finding the right Christian books for tweens and teens can be tough. 

Unlike sitting through hours of church, young ladies are much more likely to engage with lessons and stories written specifically for them. With understandable passages related to their lives. That’s why we highly recommend looking for devotionals and Christian books that are accessible and touch on subjects and issues they deal with everyday. 

Instead of forcing your teen or young adult to join an adult bible study, look for things like guided journals, Christian advice, and powerful prayer books they can explore at their own pace. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your child, or need a great Christmas present, discover the 7 best Christian books for young ladies below.


The 7 Best Books For Christian Spiritual Growth 


#1 - She Believed: 12 Stories of Courageous Women of Faith Who Changed the World 

she believed book cover

Girls are world-changers and this delightful storybook proves it! Perfect for the girls and young ladies in your life, this collection of twelve extraordinary stories of women of faith will empower girls to know and understand how women have made a difference in the world and how much smaller our faith would be without them. 

Colorful illustrations complement the true stories of these twelve amazing women: Gladys Aylward, missionary to China Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross Catherine Booth, cofounder of The Salvation Army Amy Carmichael, missionary to India Fanny Crosby, blind hymn-writer Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing Edith Schaeffer, cofounder of L'Abri ministry in Switzerland Mary Slessor, missionary to Africa Corrie ten Boom, Dutch watchmaker who helped many Jews escape the Nazi Holocaust of WWII Mother Teresa, Catholic nun and missionary Sojourner Truth, Civil Rights leader Harriet Tubman, leader of the Underground Railroad. The stories of these courageous women will encourage and inspire young girls to become the world-changers God created them to be. 

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#2 - His Princess Girl Talk with God: Love Letters and Devotions for Young Women

his princess book cover

The bestselling author of His Princess and His Princess Bride now shares God's unconditional love with the demographic that most needs to hear about it—teen girls. In her trademark style, Sheri Rose Shepherd shows teen girls just how devoted God is to them, no matter who they are, what they look like, or what others say about them. With encouraging passages, scripture, and love letters from God, this inspiring book makes a wonderful gift for every young woman.

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#3 - The Scripture Memory Map for Teen Girls: A Creative Journal

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This unique scripture memory journal is a fun and creative way for the teen girls in your life to treasure the truths of God's Word in their hearts. Each page features a lovely colorful design that guides girls to write out specific scripture memory goals, thoughts, and more. This helps create a specific "map" for them to follow as they memorize God's Word. 

Each map includes a spot to record the date, so they can look back through their journal and see how God's Word has been ingrained into their daily lives. The Scripture Memory Map for Teen Girls will not only encourage them to become more familiar with God's Word, but it will also help them build a healthy spiritual habit of Bible memorization for life. 

This lovely journal, perfect for personal quiet time or small groups, features a user-friendly spiral binding that lays flat, delightfully designed two-color interior space to record the date on each scripture , carefully selected scriptures, and bonus sections. 

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#4 - God Hearts Me: 3-Minute Devotions for Girls on the Go!

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From school to extracurricular activities and hanging with friends, you’re a busy girl. We get it. This amazing book encourages busy girls and teens to take a few moments of their day to quiet their spirit. Take this time to think on God's amazing love for you and make a meaningful connection with your heavenly Father. This delightful devotional packs a powerful dose of comfort, encouragement, and inspiration into dozens of readings designed to meet you right where you are in life in just 3 minute readings! Minute 1: meditate on a scripture selection; Minute 2: read through a devotional created just for you; Minute 3: read a prayer designed to help jump-start your conversation with God. In only 3 short minutes, you'll be on your way to beautiful blessings.

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#5 - 100 Tough Questions about God and the Bible

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As children become teens, they start to ask more and more questions about religion, God, and spirituality. Encourage them to contemplate these ideas and seek answers with 100 Tough Questions. Let's be honest, the Bible can be hard to understand. It's full of weird laws, apparent inconsistencies, and tales of a God who often doesn't do what we expect. You may have asked about some of these things and been brushed off or given trite, unconvincing answers. But serious questions deserve thoughtful responses, especially when opinions of Bible experts clash. Stephen M. Miller pulls insight from a wide range of Bible experts to report their answers to the tough questions. He does so with a touch of humor and no preaching which will be much more accessible to questioning young adults. 

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#6 - The 5-Minute Prayer Plan for Teen Girls

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5 minutes to a dynamic, focused, powerful time of prayer! Many Christians yearn for a dynamic prayer life, but we often get stuck in a repetitive routine of prayer, praying for the same things, people, and situations—sometimes even with the same words. This practical and inspirational guide will give you and your child new ways to approach prayer with 90 focused 5-minute plans for your daily quiet time. 

These prayer plans explore a variety of life themes, such as school, the future, goals and dreams, friendships, peer pressure, family, wisdom, worry, and thankfulness. Each entry includes: Minute 1: A scripture to meditate on Minutes 2–3: Specific prayer points and questions to consider as the reader enters a time of prayer Minutes 4–5: A jump-prayer starter to springboard the reader into a time of conversation with God.

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#7 - 365 Encouraging Verses of the Bible for Girls

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In today’s world, being a girl is incredibly difficult, full of challenges and uncertainties. Now, with this helpful Christian book, every day for an entire year, the girls in your life will be encouraged and inspired with great passages of scripture; addressing themes of God, Jesus, heaven, love, miracles, wisdom, and much, much more. Each devotional reading will meet them right where they are, offering words of comfort, peace, and hope for everyday life. This daily devotional is a great tool to help kids build a strong foundation of faith.

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