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The 7 Best Books for Christian Spiritual Growth

Posted on September 28 2021

The 7 Best Books for Christian Spiritual Growth

For many people, the pathway to being Christian doesn’t always resemble a straight line. There are ups and downs, difficulties, and changes. You may evolve in your beliefs or even at low times, question them. You might have stopped going to church in an effort to search for something more, understand spirituality in general, or reaffirm your faith. 

All of this is perfectly normal. If you’ve never been tested or challenged, you wouldn’t know what you genuinely believe in. The fact is, spirituality isn’t something that stays constant, you might have had difficulties in the past, you might be a new devotee, or maybe you’re simply curious about Christiantiy. Regardless of your personal scenario, there’s always room to grow and develop your faith. This is especially important for kids and young adults.

Whether you’re looking for devotionals, spiritual guidance, or everyday support, there are tons of books out there to help solidify your path to God. Here are the 7 best books for Christian spiritual growth for both men and women, plus kids, and teens.

The 7 Best Books For Christian Spiritual Growth 


#1 Remember & Return: Rekindling Your Love For The Savior by John MacArthur 

This 31-Day devotional from bestselling author and Bible teacher John MacArthur acknowledges the trials and busyness of life that often cause us to drift away from the Savior. We may continue to go to church and even read the Scriptures and pray, but we can still lose our first love. Christ commended the church in Ephesus for their works and for their intolerance of false doctrine yet admonished them to remember and return to their first love--him. 

In the same way, our outward religiosity can mask an inner lack of love for our Savior. In this 31-day devotional, John MacArthur takes readers down a biblically prescribed path as they rediscover who Christ is, what he has done, and how they must respond. Each entry will move readers from understanding to application to reflection and prayer, with a goal of rekindling their first love for Christ. Makes a thoughtful gift for any believer.

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#2 T.D. Jakes Speaks to Men

Get ready to ignite your fire of manhood. T.D. Jakes provides a powerful work of healing and restoration of your God-given masculinity, and with the turn of every page, you'll feel freedom from your prison of unfulfilled desires and frustrated dreams. We have all doubted God, and we have doubted our worth in his eyes. Here, Jakes depicts the inspirational stories of five men from the Bible and provides proof that God created you to be free, powerful, and filled with purpose. 

This is a devotional reading for ordinary men with extraordinary potential. T.D. Jakes Speaks to Men contains more than 150 powerful, motivating messages that challenge you to rely on God's strength to achieve your highest goals. A dynamic speaker and highly respected pastor, T.D. Jakes delivers powerful messages of hope and healing to men. Learn how to strengthen your faith in God's love and rediscover yourself as He sees you, filled with His never-ending wisdom and compassion.

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#3 How God Grows A Woman Of Prayer: A Devotional


How God Grows a Woman of Prayer will enhance your spiritual journey as you embrace the inspiration, encouragement, and motivation offered in each devotional reading. Featuring two hundred–plus prayer-themed devotional readings complemented by scripture selections and prayer-starters, this lovely collection offers a powerful blend of inspiration, encouragement, and motivation for every area of your life. Touching on topics that matter most to you, you will find yourself drawn ever closer to your heavenly Father as you meditate on each reading and open your heart and mind to God’s Word.

This is the second release in a devotional series designed to enhance your spiritual journey.


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#4 Finding God in the Hard Times: Choosing to Trust and Hope When You Can't See the Way


A great read for those grieving or dealing with life’s difficulties. In this inspiring book, Matt and Beth Redman draw on their experiences, as well as those of others, exploring how to offer praise even in the face of hardship and pain. Focusing on the psalms, many of which were written out of struggle, they show how difficult or tragic circumstances, and our choices, can propel us toward God or away from him. Build up our faith or break it. Learn how to ride out the storms of life with a cry of "blessed be your name" on your lips.

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#5 Power in Prayer: 31 Teachings to Strengthen Our Connection with Heaven

“Ye must pray always, and not faint; that ye must not perform any thing unto the Lord save in the first place ye shall pray unto the Father in the name of Christ.” —2 Nephi 32:9 

Like links in a chain, prayer connects us to our Heavenly Father. Former mission president David A. Christensen uses 31 sections in Power in Prayer as mini devotionals to help you work on one aspect of prayer per day for a month. Christensen uses personal experiences and the teachings of modern prophets to illustrate the important and sacred role that prayer could play in our everyday lives. The principles contained in this book will help you make your prayers more meaningful and strengthen your testimony of this divine communication.

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#6 It All Matters to Jesus: Devotional for Boys


Ever wonder if Jesus really cares about your new bike, your favorite app, or how you treat your little sister? Each of the 40 brief devotional chapters in It All Matters to Jesus reassurance that He does care whether or not you told a "little white lie" at school, how you treat your parents or elders, how you spend your free time, your daily struggles and cares. Yes, He cares about every little (and BIG! thing) It ALL matters to Jesus! You'll learn to find the heavenly Father in life's daily details and come to know just how much He cares for you!

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#7 From God's Word to a Girl's Heart: A Devotional


Here is a delightful devotional that celebrates the beautiful bond shared between the heavenly Father and His cherished girls, this book is best for ages 8 and up. It includes 90 thought-provoking readings that will speak to a girl's heart, sharing spiritual truths from God's Word, including: You Are Blessed to Be You, Your Life Is a Remarkable Story, You Make a Difference, and dozens more. Set in a charming one-color design, From God's Word to a Girl's Heart is a great reminder of God's limitless love for your beautiful girl. It's the perfect book to give as a gift or use for personal quiet time.

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Enjoy More Christian & Spiritual Reads 

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