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Happy Little Girl

I bought this ballerina sticker book handbag for my nieces little girl. Needless to say she loved it. It not only had tons of stickers but it also had cut out/ punch out little girls with clothes and accessories to put on them. There were also places you could color you own ballerina costumes too. Great purchase.

Excellent book! Practical advise, not so clinical. Common sense that encourages us with anxiety disorders to give us more tools to use in every situation to control our anxiety.

i love my book. its easy to read and understand.

to me its new to work with lunar calender and gem stones. I learned about zodiac stones and healing benefits.


Good price on a hard to find book, fast shipping and packaged very well.

Throne of Glass Series Original Paperbook Set

I was thrilled to receive this set. To start they called and verified my purchase. When I received the package like it was brand new and bought from the store directly. Packaged great. I will be purchasing from the store again.

This is in great condition and was shipped at a reasonable speed.

Safari Animals
Charles Bolling

I bought this book with my great grand sons and when I presented it to them they simply love it.

Beautiful copy of this classic….excellent
condition….actually brand new condition


Purchased for a gift

Beautiful book!!!

Incredibly cute. Gave as a gift for baby’s baptism with a book. Nice seller

Fourth Wing Special Edition (The Empyrean, Book 1)
Khyla S.
Perfect condition, packaged well.

I joined the Fourth Wing wave pretty late(Feb 2024), but I was so ecstatic to see they had the special edition!! (Everywhere else I looked seemed untrustworthy or they were completely sold out)I plan on buying more book from Marissa’s Books & Gifts in the future:)

Real Words of Real Words of Wisdom from People from Ages 7 to 88

Great book—large print — short phrase thoughts!

I'm still reading the first book, but I can't wait to get to this one

Fourth Wing Special Edition (The Empyrean, Book 1)

Fast delivery and the book was packed so it wouldn't get damaged. The book itself is a great read. I don't want to put it down

Fourth Wing Special Edition (The Empyrean, Book 1)
Connie Hess

No words can properly express Rebecca Yaros and her writing skills for the Emperian series! The Fourth Wing leaves you at the edge of your seat, with laughter bubbling out of your mouth to tears! I 100 stars!

Item was received in great condition, will definitely use these services again.

Got here in great condition and very fast, thanks!!

Excellent customer service! Fast shipping !

Counting Dinos
Exceeded expectations

Decided to order from this website since it was slightly cheaper than Amazon plus free shipping. So glad I did. I had never heard of Marissa's books. Book arrived in great condition and it even had a hard cover! I had 2 previous copies of this book and both had a soft cover, so didn't know this hard cover version existed. It's so nice and will make a great gift!

The value of nothingness

Understanding nothingness and its value. Makes me want to reread the existential writers again.

Zion National Park Tea

I had had this tea before & was delighted to find it on your website.

Marissa's is great and this book is perfect for my 7 year old.

I couldn't find this book anywhere and my son wanted it so badly. I am so thankful Marissa's has such a great selection of hard to find books at great prices and free fast shipping. I gave it to him for Valentine's day and it did not disappoint. He loves everything about it and even brought it to school to share with his friends.
From my 7 year old: I really like the funny things hidden in the pictures and I like learning about cool things that are in the world. I really like the illustrations and how there are little facts everywhere around the picture and a big fact in the middle.

Hard to Find Item

I was thrilled to get this hard to find novel journal at a reasonable price.