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Marissa's Books & Gifts 9780789212467 Zoe the Zebra

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Zoe the Zebra

What happens when a storybook character encounters the illustrator who drew him--and talks back? In this imaginative series, four animals engage with the illustrator’s hand in amusing--and sometimes infuriating!--ways. These interactive stories, featuring bold graphics that will appeal to artists and art teachers, are excellent read-aloud books for young children. Zoe the Zebra races through the pages of this book, only to have her stripes fall off in the process! When the illustrator suddenly makes an appearance, paintbrush in hand, Zoe gratefully accepts his help. Soon, however, the artist pokes fun at the zebra’s demands, giving her some stripe "variations” she is not so happy with.

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Sylviane Gangloff
Abbeville Kids