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Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9781400066322 You Were Always Mom's Favorite!: Sisters In Conversation Throughout Their Lives

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC

Conversations between sisters reveal a deep and constant tug between two dynamics--an impulse toward closeness and an impulse toward competition. It takes just a word from your sister to start you laughing, or to summon up a past you both share. But it also takes just a word to send you into an emotional tailspin. For many women, a sister is both a devoted friend and a fierce rival. Wise and witty, You Were Always Mom's Favorite! will leave you with a profound new understanding of the unique and precious sister bond, as well as provide practical advice that will open up communication, dispel tensions, and make a vital connection even stronger, deeper, and more resilient.
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Deborah Tannen
Random House
December 31, 2008