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Visigoth: Stories

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9781571310514 Visigoth: Stories

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Amdahl Presents Hapless Young Men Acting Tough To Conceal Their Dread Of Adulthood. In The Title Story, A Star College Hockey Player Unable To Curb His Boiling Rage Only Half-jokingly Identifies With The Barbarians Of Old. In The Volunteer, The Well-employed Yet Disaffected Narrator Names John Updike And John Cheever The Ur-bards Of Male Misery, Terrain Amdahl Rips Up Like A Tank Bashes Asphalt In Brash And Bloody Yet Astutely Crafted Stories Of Angst Unlimited. The Flyweight -- Visigoth -- The Bouncers -- The Volunteer -- Flight From California -- The Barber-chair -- The Free Fall -- Narrow Road To The Deep North. Gary Amdahl.
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Amdahl, Gary , 1956-
Milkweed Editions
December 31, 2005