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Marissa's Books & Gifts 9780062351159 Truly Sweet (Sweet, Texas Series #5)

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Truly Sweet (Sweet, Texas Series #5)

When the one you've always wanted . . .At sixteen, Annabelle Morgan hoped her crush on Jake Wilder was just a passing phase. Now she's twenty-nine and nothing has changed—except Jake. The once-carefree Marine has come home with a giant chip on his shoulder. He insists a single mom like Annie deserves more than he can offer. Yet no matter how gruff his gorgeous exterior may be, Jake's toe-curling kisses convince her that this attraction is definitely mutual.Becomes the one who wants you back . . .Butting heads with feisty Annie was always a thrill. Add other body parts to the mix, and Jake is in serious trouble. He can't be a forever-and-family guy—and Annie's not a friends-with-benefits kind of woman. But love has a way of changing the best-laid plans, and surrender has never been so tempting . . .The outcome is truly sweet.

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Candis Terry
HarperCollins Publishers