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The War to End All Wars

Brutal and cataclysmic, the First World War irrevocably changed the face of not just Europe, but the world and the very nature of war itself. On the centenary of its onset, The War to End All Wars gives a startling and intimate view of life during wartime, through never-before-seen color photographs chronicling each year of the conflict. Previously unpublished, these extraordinary photographs come from the newly discover collection on August Fuhrmann, Germany's first media tycoon. The early color photographs, hand colored on porcelain plates are compellingly beautiful and haunting. Accompanied by personal diaries these words and images convey an intimate portrayal of a previously hidden world. From the horrors of the trenches to the challenges on the home front, these images of suffering and despair, hope and strength, convey the impact of the Great War in a new and profound way. Designed as the companion volume to a three-part BBC documentary, The War to End All Wars cast the experience of the world's first modern, mechanized war in an entirely new light.
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Gunnar Dedio, Florian Dedio
Lyons Press