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The Surrealist Home

The Surrealist Home

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A quirky compendium of questionnaires, tests, and games that explore the psychology of home and domestic relationships, from the creators of Mind Games and Psychobox. How do your personality and your home reflect each other? What about your relationships with your spouse, children, and guests? The Surrealist Home answers these questions and more. You'll never see your home life in the same way again. The box includes •Questionnaires and tests to help you understand and avoid domestic ruts •Notices and mood boards to help you tell other people how you're feeling •Notes-to-Self cards to help you get a different perspective on things •Plans to help you transform your home into a Buddhist cave, a retail environment, and more •A Household Manual to guide you on everything from the mundane drudgery to the pleasing harmony that make up domestic life

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Will Hobson
Shambhala Redstone Editions