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Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9780505525970 The Scarlet Empress (2176 Series, Book 5)

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC

The Scarlet Empress (2176 Series, Book 5)

This book belongs to the old, out of print 5-book series. There is a much newer version (2016), now a 2-book series called 2176 Freedom. Shot down over Korea, modern-day U.S.A.F. fighter pilot Cameron “Scarlet” Tucker is put in bio-stasis. She wakes 170 years later to find her best friend survived, too. The “legendary” Banzai Maguire is being held for treason in the country that was once her beloved United States. Cam has her own problems. She’s in the masterful hands of Kyber, the emperor prince whom Banzai just escaped. And he won’t get fooled again. With a mysterious Shadow Voice urging world revolution, and her friend in chains, Cam wants the sexy dictator on her side--and maybe even closer. But her role in the thrilling mission to save her country must come first. It’s time to give a royal butt-kicking, and Cam knows just where to start.
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Susan Grant
Love Spell
December 31, 2003