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The Possum Always Rings Twice (Chet Gecko Series) - Marissa's Books

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The Possum Always Rings Twice (Chet Gecko Series)

Get ready for muckraking time at Emerson Hicky Elementary. No, not the annual mud-pie-eating contest-it's the student council election. And, as Chet and Natalie are about to find out, politics is one dirty business.Someone is sending candidates ominous (and anonymous) threats . . . signs with messages like FIR IS FIRST! and DOWN WITH FEATHERS! are appearing all over school . . . and, oh yeah, a certain not-so-smooth-talking fox is hitting the hallways to drum up fanatic support for his flashy campaign. Yep, this presidential race is quickly getting fishier than the bottom of a pelican's lunch box.Could it be that someone is trying to rig the election? Good thing Chet and Natalie are around to expose the filthy frauds. But not before getting caught up in some dirty politics of their own.

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Bruce Hale
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt