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The Official Fart Alphabet - Marissa's Books

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The Official Fart Alphabet

A is for anonymous (who's the one who farted?) B is for bloated (watch out...coming soon!) F IS FOR FLATULENCE and... H IS FOR HILARIOUS! You've never seen an ABC book like this before! It's the wickedest, wackiest alphabet ever, all centered around the sound and smell of that always uproarious, occasionally uncontrollable bodily function: the fart. Colorful classic cartoons--including an ever-present ominous green, gassy cloud--bring out all the entertaining fun of Left Cheek Squeak; Noxious (people wearing gas masks); and the Fart and Run Technique. And don't forget "S" for Silent But Deadly! It's even more side-splitting than a whoopee cushion. Just be glad there's no smell-o-vision, though!
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Ralph Masiello, Stephanie Brockway
Imagine Pub Incorporated