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The Living Well Guide for Senior Dogs

The Living Well Guide for Senior Dogs

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Just as senior adults experience a variety of changing needs with age, dogs require a modified approach to their health and behavior during their senior years. With proper care and the right information, any pet owner can ensure happiness, vitality, and longevity during the latter part of a dog's life. The Living Well Guide for Senior Dogs informs pet owners about how to maintain a senior dog's quality of life and help to ease the transition into old age. It provides information on a variety of topics pertinent to senior dogs, such as how to tell if a dog is a senior, how to train the senior dog, and how to keep him healthy and well groomed. The comprehensive feeding chapter explains why certain nutrients are crucial for older dogs and details the right feeding plan to keep them active. The book also focuses on how to identify age-related symptoms of some common problem behaviors, such as aggression, which is often caused by pain and certain hormonal diseases. Preventive health care techniques are outlined that help to enhance a senior dog's quality of life. Additionally, it also helps pet owners explain pet loss to children, understand concepts of hospice and euthanasia, and even prepare for a dog's care should his owner pass away first. For the concerned pet owner looking to provide his or her senior dog with the best care possible, The Living Well Guide for Senior Dogs is an essential guide to understanding the special needs of a pet throughout his golden years.

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