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Marissa's Books & Gifts 9780735841079 The Kind-Hearted Monster

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The Kind-Hearted Monster

What do you do with a fire-breathing monster? Adore him! The Monster from Halfway to Nowhere... When the people of a little town discover that the fire-breathing monster in their midst is really a kind-hearted mind mannered monster, they all have different ideas about what to do with him. But the ideas make Mervyn unhappy, until a professor has an idea that lightens everyone s mood especially Mervyn s! The Monster from Halfway to Nowhere... Robbers have kidnapped Mervyn the monster by baking him cakes full of sleeping powder. They think the heist is a success. But the robbers don t know Mervyn . . . and the people from the town that is halfway to nowhere."

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Max Velhuijs
NorthSouth (NY)