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The Evangelical's Guide to Spiritual Warfare

The Evangelical's Guide to Spiritual Warfare

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The truth is that although spiritual warfare is a major theme in the Bible, many of us gloss over it--or ignore it completely. But 80 percent of the synoptic gospels addresses the battle with evil spirits, and Jesus and His disciples set a clear example for believers. We cannot afford to practice a powerless Christianity in a fallen world. In this essential, accessible resource, former evangelical seminary professor and missionary Charles Kraft helps you find your footing in the spiritual battle. Based on a solid biblical foundation and on decades of ministry experience, this book will help you: Differentiate between myths and truths about spiritual warfare, Recognize the everyday battles taking place around you, Learn what demons really are and what they actually do, Understand the rules for engaging the enemy, and Achieve victory in daily battles with the help of the Holy Spirit.

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