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The Dastardly Deed

The Dastardly Deed

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Join the League... After their narrow escape from a nefarious kidnapping ring, Anastasia, Ollie, and Quentin (a.k.a. The League of Beastly Dreadfuls!) are looking forward to a relaxing vacation from danger, intrigue, and catastrophe! Sadly, they're not going to get one. Because Anastasia makes the shocking discovery that her family is at the heart of a centuries-old scandal--a scandal that began with the dastardly deed. Before you can say Bob's your uncle, the Dreadfuls have another mystery to solve--the Case of the Missing Grandfather. Can our intrepid league track down Anastasia's Vanished Gramps? Gentle Reader, BEWARE! The trail of clues leads to spine-tingling surprises: Catastrophe! Magic! Opera! Stinky cheese! Science fairs!

Read on if you DARE!

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