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Marissa's Books & Gifts 9781402732584 The Aspiring Artist's Studio: Stained Glass

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The Aspiring Artist's Studio: Stained Glass

Ornamental designs, exquisite windows, and stunning lampshades: esteemed artist Haim Raz presents nearly 30 of his favorite stained glass pieces in an enlightening on-the-page course. Every project can be completed in a home workshop, using standard glass cutting tools and materials--and throughout the collection, Raz teaches novice craftspeople how they can alter the motifs, colors, and glass to express their own personal style. He gets beginners started with advice on setting up a workspace; choosing tools and materials; and basic techniques. Start off with such easy items as a decorative bright red butterfly or three-petal coaster; as skills improve, move on to the Hanging Mirror with Nuggets, Indigo Morning Glory Windows, and Purple Lace Lampshade. A Selection of the Crafter's Choice Book Club.

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Haim Raz, Penn Publishing Ltd
Sterling Publishing
July 2007