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Marissa's Books & Gifts 9781907866036 The A - Z of Practical Self Sufficiency

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The A - Z of Practical Self Sufficiency

Self Sufficiency begins in the home. It doesn't mean jumping ship and moving to a remote island, living off grid on a diet of pulses. Carl and Kal argue that it's about becoming less reliant on the weekly trip to the supermarket and more about making do. The A-Z of Practical Self Sufficiency is a guide to help you take those first daunting steps to a more rewarding and fulfilling lifestyle. It covers a wide range of topics, from A-Z; from helping you make your money go further (B= Budge Plans, bartering), to learning basic DIY skills (D) and looking at ways to produce a wide selection of crops whatever the size of your garden to but a few topics covered. With money saving tips on gardening, cooking, energy saving and even night schooling, this book strives to empower you with tried and tested methods and practices to help you along the way.

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Carl May, Kal Horsfall
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