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Marissa's Books & Gifts 9781611737370 Sweet Tea for Two

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Sweet Tea for Two

Welcome to Rock Springs, Texas, a quaint town where everybody knows everybody and everybody's talking. Meri Briscoe hoped her big city problems were over after moving back to Rock Springs. The former lawyer opened up a cafe to save her grandmother Lilah's farm from foreclosure and found love in the comforting arms of handsome rancher Caleb Burkett. But who knew being happy could be so complicated?
Everyone thinks that Meri and Caleb are meant to be husband and wife, but when it comes to their business partnership, the two couldn't be more wrong for each other. There's more conflict coming out of their kitchen than there are cookies. But there's more at stake than a caf, and Meri and Caleb just need to agree on the right ingredients to make their future as sweet as their tea.

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Dellin, Genell
Center Point Pub