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The team who brought us the exhilarating book, Juice!, and the irresistible collection of recipes, Ice Cream!, has now turned to Soup! Seventy recipes fill this lovely invitation to nourishing, comforting eating. "Classic Soups" kick off the book, but they're never ordinary. Among them are French Onion; Mixed Mushroom; Leek and Potato; Chicken Soup with Tarragon; Pea and Ham; and Tomato. The book tantalizes by swinging between favorites and surprises: "Smooth Soups" feature Broccoli, Yogurt, and Stilton Soup; Ginger Pears; and Carrot with Dill and Feta Pesto; "Chunky Soups" include Minestrone; Smoked Fish Chowder; Italian Meatball Soup with Fennel and Roasted Cherry Tomatoes; A chapter each of "Spicy Soups," "Chilled Soups", and "Special Occasion Soups" offer recipes that are velvety smooth, sweetly chilled, or hot and spicy. The book opens with "Handy Hints and Techniques," plus a look at "Soup Kitchen Equipment." The final chapter is a line-up of soup "Accompaniments." The recipes are for Cheese Straws; Crostini; Walnut Pesto; Pumpkin Seed and Parmesan Wafers; and a dozen more go-alongs. This is zesty inspiration. Soup! is about nourishment, comfort, and goodness, but most of all, it's about delicious flavors. Over 70 recipes -- from velvety smooth to thick and chunky, sweetly chilled to hot and spicy. A wide range of ingredients create classic favorites and exciting global flavors. Easy-to-follow techniques show how to make all-important stock. Written by experienced food writers who are equally happy sipping form a bowl as slurping from a spoon!
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Pippa Cuthbert, Lindsay Cameron Wilson