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Marissa's Books & Gifts 9780786037094 Ride Away (a Corrigan Brothers Western)

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Ride Away (a Corrigan Brothers Western)

Deed Corrigan Earned His Reputation As A Gunfighter-- The Hard Way. But Now, After Forging Cattle Trails And Fighting Off The Comanche, He's Setting His Sights On A Brighter Future. With The Help Of His Older Brother Blue, A Civil War Veteran Who Lost His Arm In Battle, Deed Turns The Rafter C Homestead Into A Successful, Working Cattle Ranch. But When A Land-grubbing Banker Tries To Wipe Out The Competition-- Slaughtering Ranchers, Robbing Farmers, And Building An Army Of Hired Killers-- Deed And Blue Have No Choice But To Fight Back With Everything They've Got. That Means Bringing In The Big Guns. Settling Old Scores. And Taking A Chance On A Dangerous Outlaw Named Holt Corrigan-- Their Long-lost Brother ...--page 4 Of Cover.

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Cotton Smith