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Ranger Rick Kids' Guide to Paddling

Ranger Rick Kids' Guide to Paddling

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Ranger Rick Kids' Guide to Paddling shows you the places to go, gear to pack, tips for paddling comfortably and with skill, and how to stay safe when on the water. This book even has real working compass built-in to help you navigate while on longer paddling excursions! If you’re like most kids who love the outdoors, you also love kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boarding! By reading this book, you’ll learn all about small watercraft and how to paddle them, what gear to take with you on the water, beautiful places to paddle, and what wildlife to look out for on the water. Once you reach the end of this book, you'll know all the parts of your boat, the differences between a beaver tail paddle and a Greenland paddle, how to make a float plan, and how to care for and store your boat once you come home. You’ll also find lots of great practical tips, such as how to paddle for hours without getting tired, and techniques for going forward, backward, and sideways, all without getting wet! The better you get at the skills taught in this book, the more fun you’ll have on your next paddling adventure! So read the tips, and then head for the great outdoors for a paddling adventure. You can bring this book with you and use the compass to help you find your way. Happy paddling!

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