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Pirate Hunter

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9780764203480 Pirate Hunter

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From the blue waters of the Caribbean and the Florida Keys to the wind-swept wilds of the Outer Banks, Pirate Hunter combines the romantic popularity of a pirate tale with an inspirational story of modern-day treasure hunters.Following a captured slave who's been freed by the sixteenth-century pirate who takes his ship, the novel weaves a rollicking tale of adventure. Paralleling this story in the present are the treasure hunters seeking the gold--and stories--of the past. Greg Rhode--a preacher's kid who has become a marine archaeologist--hires on to participate in Phil Rackham's salvage operation in the Florida Keys. He is hoping that Rackham will make him rich, not suspecting the true riches he'll eventually confront.
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Tom Morrisey
Bethany House
June 30, 2009
Yes (black/red mark on bottom edge of pages)