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Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9780758215826 Pet Diva Finds Love

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC

Pet Diva Finds Love

Newly divorced from her philandering husband, Sinclair Dearheart has no interest in being set up on a blind date--even if Ben Easington is the best friend of her sister Roxie's fiance. Ben isn't ready for a new relationship either. Ever since his ex-wife took their daughter away to Africa, Ben has been struggling with heartbreak of his own. For now, Sinclair and Ben will have to meet at Roxie's wedding. But their first meeting won't be their last... But Their Hearts Said "Yes!" When a hidden secret leads Roxie to flee for Jamaica soon after her marriage, Ben and Sinclair team up to go after her. There, in the midst of the most unlikely circumstances, their attraction emerges...and once they return home, a relationship begins. But will Sinclair's fear of another betrayal keep her from trusting Ben--and from giving love a second chance?
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Janette Mccarthy Louard
December 31, 2006
Yes (black/red mark on bottom edge of pages)