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Marissa's Books & Gifts 9781581808803 Painted Treasures: Projects And Inspirations From The Masters Of Decorative Painting

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC

An Inspiring Celebration of Decorative Painting's Rich Heritage Painted Treasures offers you a wealth of guidance and inspiration. It celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Decorative Arts Collection, presenting 15 step-by-step painting demonstrations contributed by the world's most renowned decorative artists, along with a stunning photo gallery of the Collection's significant pieces.The artists featured here foster decorative painting's gracious traditions, passing down their own trademark techniques for you to borrow and build upon. Their projects span a range of styles and subjects, from folk-art flowers and succulent fruits to whimsical teddy bears, and all are filled with heart-felt encouragement and seasoned insights. Every demonstration is like sitting down with a master decorative painter for a one-on-one session.This special commemorative guide also showcases more than 90 pieces from the Decorative Arts Collection, the only museum of its kind devoted specifically to documenting and acquiring works of decorative painting. These pieces are truly the best of the best, highlighting the timeless artistry of this unique art form.Be a part of decorative painting's rich heritage. With Painted Treasures you can learn to paint like the masters of yesterday and today, and create your own legacy for tomorrow.

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