Outrageously Adorable Dog Knits

Outrageously Adorable Dog Knits

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  • Author: Jill Bulgan, Noelle Woosley, Rachael Matthews, Max Alexander, Caitlin Doyle, Gemma Birss
  • Publisher: Race Point Publishing
  • Published: 2014-10-07
  • ISBN 10: 1631060430
  • ISBN 13: 9781631060434
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Dogs can't knit. But they sure can wear it well. Could your Chinese crested powder puff rock a vintage ruffled bonnet? Does your pug pine for a fabulous ten-gallon cowboy hat? Or perhaps your bulldog hopes to cast off his thuggish street cred with a preppy letterman sweater? Featuring more than 25 super-cute knitting patterns and embellishments, Outrageously Adorable Dog Knits is a fun and simple way to swathe your four-legged friend in the very best of handmade finery! With clearly explained step-by-step instructions and inspiringly hilarious photographs, this unique book provides adorable knitting projects and how-to advice for novice knitters and precocious purlers alike.

So whether you wish to adorn your canine fashionista with a stylish beret, toasty legwarmers, adorable rabbit ears, or a cozy sweater for crisp winter nights, Outrageously Adorable Dog Knits is the perfect book for you. Projects include: STYLISH HEADWEAR Vintage ruffled bonnet Rose corsage Elf hat French beret Ten-gallon cowboy hat LOUNGIN' AROUND THE HOUSE Toasty legwarmers Cutesy booties Sports fanatic bobble hat Sports fanatic scarf Feelin' fancy bowtie Personalized doggie blanket COLD WEATHER Chunky scarf for the larger dog Trendy cowl Chic shawl Pompom scarf for petite pooches ADORABLE SWEATERS Simple roll-neck pullover Stylish stripes sweater Preppy Puppy letterman sweater Holiday sweater Urban hoodie COSTUMES Superhero cape and wristbands Bumblebee costume Elizabethan ruff Rabbit-ear bonnet Cupcake skirt Frosting bonnet TEMPLATES Urban alphabet Varsity alphabet Preppy puppy alphabet Christmas pattern chart