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Not-So-Humble Pies: An iconic dessert, all dressed up

It's pie—all grown up!Pomegranate. Fresh figs. Sea salt.Forget apples and blueberries. Today's trendy ingredients are unique, modern, and indulgent—and now you can find them in the pie plate in your kitchen! With more than 100 sweet and savory pie recipes—and extra recipes for crusts and toppings—Not-So-Humble Pies uses these fresh flavors to turn a simple dessert into something deliciously sophisticated. And these dressed-up pies look as good as they taste, so get ready to serve up a slice of the following:Blood Orange Curd PieCardamom and Saffron Chiffon PieApple, Brie, and Bacon TartChocolate Acai Chiffon PiePear Gorgonzola TartWith these mouthwatering recipes—and impressive ingredients—it's as easy as pie to turn modest standbys into not-so-humble standouts.As featured on RecipeGirl!

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Kelly Jaggers
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