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Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9780758220523 No Place Safe: A Family Memoir
Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9780758220523 No Place Safe: A Family Memoir

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC

In this compelling memoir, Kim Reid hauntingly transports readers to the innocent world of a childhood protected by a loving home, yet threatened by a danger beyond any child's understanding. . . Thirteen-year-old Kim Reid will never forget the summer of 1979. In those precious free moments when she is not taking care of her little sister while her single mother works as a cop, Kim's days are filled with thoughts of boys, makeup, and starting high school in the fall. When a heartbreaking discovery along a quiet Atlanta road makes the news, Kim's mother instructs her girls to be careful. Accustomed to her mother's warnings, Kim feels she already knows how to stay alert and carry herself as if she's not scared. But as the shadow of danger lengthens over Kim's once-sunny landscape of friends and family, she learns there is no place safe. While her mother becomes preoccupied with her increasingly high-profile job, Kim feels life unraveling. Straddling the worlds of her black neighborhood and her wealthy white school, teetering on the brink between girl and woman, Kim is torn between fitting in and finding her own voice; between becoming strong and clinging to the last traces of her childhood. In this deeply intimate, powerful narrative, Kim Reid weaves an unforgettable story of growing up and the events that shape us forever. . . Kim Reid grew up in Atlanta, the backdrop of her memoir. She graduated from George Washington University with a master's degree in National Security Policy in 1990. Before deciding to focus on writing, she took a few detours, including a stint as a collections agent for the IRS and several years in management at a telecommunications and software company. Kim lives in Colorado with her husband.
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Kim Reid
December 31, 2006