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Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9780849947391 Neighbors and Wise Men

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC

Neighbors and Wise Men

God can work through ANY person to make himself known. There is an ancient prayer that begs God to "Be inthe heart of each to whom I speak, be in the mouth of each who speaks unto me." Have we limited God's ability to speak in our worldtoday? Have we relegated God's creative voice to the select persons who shareour particular religious system? One of the most oftenstated issues with Christianity is its unsatisfying answer to the questionabout those "outside" the faith. We have all known people who are kinder thanmost Christians, purer than most Christians, seemingly more connected to Godthan most Christians and spiritually wise. Tony Kriz, who infamously appeared in DonaldMiller's books under the name "Tony the Beat Poet" has discovered theabiding presence of Jesus in the lives and words of people from diverse (andoften radically unchristian) sources. Through the pages of this book, Tony guides thereader through Muslim lands, radically anti-religious academia andpost-Christian cultures to discover a God who speaks with generosity andcreativity. Kriz himself felt like he was falling out of faith untilthe most unexpected peoplewere the ones whoencouraged him to "Fall toward Christ."

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Tony Kriz
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