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Negation Volume III: Hounded - Marissa's Books

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Negation Volume III: Hounded

Many years from now, conquest-hungry Charon rules the Negation Empire, where mercy is weakness at best and treason at worst. Kidnapped from Earth by Charon's alter-egos, the Lawbringers, a small band of survivors have escaped his prison. Much like those of the dead rejected by Charon's namesake in the Greek Myth, they seem doomed to wander until they find a way home, to cross over, in this case returning to Earth. A few among their number are touched by the gods, Sigil bearers. The escapees have banded together with the last known survivors from Earth, the suddenly superhuman Australians and the Atlanteans. Can they master their new powers in time to aid the rescue mission and daring attack of the Imperial Palace on the Negation Throneworld?
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Tony Bedard
Checker Book Publishing