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Monsters' Nonsense: The Wizard of Poob - Marissa's Books

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Monsters' Nonsense: The Wizard of Poob

Welcome to Planet Pok – the land of Monsters’ Nonsense. The monsters discover a strange spaceship belonging to a wizard from another planet. Can they help him save Planet Poob from the Space Slugs? Monsters' Nonsense is designed for children to practice decoding nonsense words within a fun and exciting story. The adult reads the main narrative whilst the child is encouraged to read the monsters' language in speech bubbles and these ‘non-words’ help them practise their emerging phonics skills at a level that is right for them. Brought to life by award-winning author Peter Bently and Duncan Beedie's comic book style, this series creates a valuable shared reading experience and will inspire any child to become a monster reader!
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Peter Bently
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