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Lost in Yonkers

It is 1942, and teenagers Jay and Arty have lost their mother to cancer. Their father hopes to find work in the South, so he leaves them in the care of their Grandma Kurnitz in Yonkers. Here, the boys also meet their daffy Aunt Bella and small-time gangster Uncle Louie. The boys settle into an apartment above Grandma's candy store and begin a new life with this peculiar family. Soon it becomes clear that Grandma's harsh, unforgiving nature has had a crippling effect on the emotional lives of her children. Winner of four Tony Awards, including Best Play, and the Pulitzer Prize in drama, Lost in Yonkers is about finding one's way through the tangled web of family relationships without losing the sense of self. "The best play Simon ever wrote." — New York Post

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Neil Simon
Penguin Publishing Group
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