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Know It All In 30 Seconds 6 Book Library

Engage curiosity and spark excitement with our Know it All in 30 Seconds Library Perfect set for 8 years old and up. 

This Library Includes 


Vikings-With fast facts, mini missions, and engaging artwork, Vikings in 30 Seconds is the perfect introduction to one of the world’s most fascinating cultures.Children will discover all about these amazing warriors, including where they came from, their incredible skill as boat builders and seafarers, and how they traded with and settled in distant lands.

Leonardo Da Vinci-  Children will learn about the life of the original Renaissance man, and will discover how da Vincis influence, from his masterpiece paintings to his innovative inventions, has shaped art and culture in the modern world.

Math-What is math? Why do we need it? Can birds count? What is the biggest number? Math in 30 Seconds answers these and other questions across 30 awesome topics. With fast facts, mini missions, and engaging artwork, this book is an exciting introduction to the amazing world of math.

Inventions -From the first flushing toilet to futuristic robots, Inventions in 30 Seconds explains how key inventions revolutionized the world. Delivered in an energetic, informative style, children will gain a better understanding of how everyday life has been shaped by great inventions. 

Science Ideas-In this perfect book for smartypants and eggheads everywhere, great science ideas from ancient Greece to the present day are introduced and explained. Ideas about motion, gravity, DNA, nuclear energy, antimatter, and more are concisely covered across 30 key topics. Clive Gifford, this is a wonderful and thorough exploration of the most complex and interesting organ of the body. The Human Brain in 30 Seconds is the ideal introduction for budding biologists to the brilliant brain. 

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