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Kitty-Cat Book Set

Everyone knows a child who just adores cats, and what better way to spark their love than a book set just for them and their love for the little kittens. This book set includes:

Lost Cat- When Slipper is accidentally left behind, her journey begins. Luckily, everyone wants to be with her. But Slipper won't settle for just any home—she's determined to find the family that fits!

Cat and Canary - Cat wishes he could fly just like his best friend, canary. Then one day he gets tangled up in a kite. and soon he is flying high in the sky! He sees many wonderful things, but then the wind blows stronger and a storm appears. Cat is unable to control the kite and he is carried far from home. Can anyone save him?

Kitty and Me- I love Kitty and Kitty loves me.
He comes when I call him . . . usually.
We play fun games around this house,
Like "Jump" and "Pounce" and "Catch the Mouse."
Playing, chasing, scratching, purring. Kitty and Me is a charming rhyming story of best friendship between a girl and her growing kitten

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