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Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9780973222302 Indoor Grilling

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Indoor Grilling

Popular HGTV personality and author Meriel Bradley is about to become "your new best friend in the kitchen." An impressive new series of cookbooks sets the stage for Meriel Bradley to become a household name. A full-line of kitchenware comes next as this dynamic and delightful woman goes beyond the kitchen with an array of innovative products for the entire home. Quality, durability and good taste will be the hallmarks of the Meriel Bradley line as she inspires others to go beyond the ordinary. To begin, Meriel raises the art of indoor grilling to a new level with the initial offerings from her cookbook series: Indoor Grilling and Desserts. Imagine for a moment the tantalizing aroma of an Apricot Glazed Ham Steak surrounded by Mediterranean Grilled Vegetables. Or Lime Butter Chicken accompanied by Lemon Garlic Asparagus, followed by Chocolate Walnut Mocha Cake or Strawberry Peach Crumble. Now imagine these sumptuous feasts on your table in ten to fifteen minutes or less of preparation and cookingtime! Meriel's easy-to-read, easy-to-prepare recipes are the perfect answer to taking full advantage of today's Indoor Grill while preparing fast, fresh and great-tasting food. The enormously popular indoor grill was developed for speed and convenience. With Indoor Grilling, and Desserts, Meriel Bradley successfully combines this remarkable concept with her traditional culinary expertise. Meriel's Quick Tips help maximize your precious time in the kitchen. Whether rushing off to your next class, taking the kids to a soccer game or spontaneously preparing a romantic dinner for two, Meriel Bradley provides the solution to a busy schedule with fast and easy meal preparation. Haddock with Mustardand Dill, Orange Garlic Beef and Lemon Cheesecake are just three more scrumptious offerings from Meriel, set forth in an easy-to-read, easy-to-prepare style.
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