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In The Secret Hours

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9780972633949 In The Secret Hours

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC

In the sultry hours after midnight. For twenty-one years, Big Joe Donovan has dreaded the day when his daughter, Evie, would come into the vast inheritance left by her late mother. How long can big joe shield Evie from the sordid truth about her fortune? Forbiddin yearnings are unleashed, secrets are revealed. Rugged Lucass Cain is almost a mirror image of Big Joe-younger but just as dangerouse! The secrets Lucas discovers in the back allys of the French Quarter could topple Big Joes lavish empire. But now that lucas has fallen for Evie, will he have the heart to shatter her world? And a past indiscretion threatens to foreever alter one woman's fate! Will Evie free herself from lusts erotic abyss and overthrow the teranny of her father? In the Secret Hours, where the hunger for power can lead to untold temptations, bonds of love are forged that can rewrite the pages of destiny.
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Marilyn Jaye Lewis
Magic Carpet Books
December 31, 2002