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Hot Snake Nights

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9780870678912 Hot Snake Nights

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Cole Riley has a literary voice that is very much his own, one that sings the Delta Blues with all the feelings that, say, a Joe Turner or Robert Johnson would put into words. Hot Snake Nights is a sundown song story of a Mississippi Delta family torn by lust, hate, racism, ignorance and just plain old bad luck -- that low down, lonesome blues kind of bad luck ...where nights are long, the moon is full and somewhere, fare across the fields, someone is picking out the blues on a guitar. And then a shot rings out. . .and another woman with four small children will soon learn that she will have to "make do" without her man. As soon as they bury him. It's that sort of story, one that surprises, one that breaks your heart.
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Cole Riley
Holloway House
December 31, 1998