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Hell To Pay

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This riveting, true-to-life war novel has more to offer than combat. Aside from treating the reader to the thrill of flying, one experiences the stressful life of a pilot far from his family in a frantic war. Folded skillfully into the tale are romance, history, espionage, government corruption and much more. It has been well received by women as well as men.
Captain "Hal" Kirby, USN, is a pilot's pilot and damn glad to be on the leading edge of a war held in balance by Naval air power. The North Korean Army wants South Korea at all costs and Kirby's Air Group on the USS Valley Forge must hold them at bay until U.S. forces can be mobilized.

Also nagging at Kirby's subconscious is Lieutenant Commander Luther Garr's six-year-old promise to get even with Kirby. Garr's happenstance assignment to the USS Valley Forge allows him to put his devious mind to work in destroying Kirby`s career and marriage as well as bringing the Navy to its knees.

As the story unfolds, the North Koreans, Garr and the temptations of a woman named Marmette are not Kirby's only challenges. He will be faced with many life-changing experiences that impact his professional and personal life ominously.

The multifaceted plot weaves its path away from Korea and back, Kirby becomes an unknowing victim of government corruption. This thrusts him deep into a political incident with the Soviet Union that will ultimately test his courage and tenacity as a POW.