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The urban city and town landscape has changed and is changing. City population is increasing at rapid speed and with it a new landscape has developed: increased high rise buildings, modern glass and concrete mixed with historic brick. In response to this urban growth comes new questions over our habitats, and over how we respond to our cities and towns. But what do we really understand about the effects of our changing landscape on us? How do we react to different buildings? Different views and rooms? Our homes? How does the urban landscape affect us? Psychiatrist and writer Dr Paul Keedwell uncovers the psychology behind why our home and why our buildings matter and through this discussion reveals how they effect our daily happiness. Starting with the home and reaching out to the street, town and city landscape, using analysis of famous architecture, such as the glass box, and common living scenes, such as high rises, Keedwell examines and lays bare the forces at play within our habitats so that the reader can better understand their world.

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