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Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9780888996176 God And I Broke Up

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC

God And I Broke Up

For all of her 16 years, Linnea has been a thinker. She thinks about everything from boys to zits to why parents get divorced to whether or not God really exists and what happens when you die. When she and Pia become best friends, Linnea becomes a talker. Whether the subject is guys, school, the afterlife, or politics, Pia is someone she can talk to about everything. They're so close they’re like twin souls. So why did Pia have to go and kill herself? With self-deprecating candor, Linnea recounts the year following her friend’s suicide as she struggles to heal her grief. Alternately hilarious and profoundly sad, Linnea’s voice illuminates both her inner and outer selves, vividly portraying the difficulty of appearing to be a smart, savvy teen while inwardly feeling crushed by the loss of her soul mate. Her dilemma, told with honesty, grace, and often-unsettling wit, is sure to resonate with young readers.
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Katarina Mazetti
Groundwood Books
December 31, 2004