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Marissa's Books & Gifts 9781440511141 Geektionary

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"The last WoW module was clunky and a bit slow on my rig but it had a great toolset for building adventures for my avatar. Now I'm at sixtieth level! Awesome!" Whether it's about science fiction, Star Trek, sports, comics, or computers, geekspeak is full of mysterious words and phrases. But now there's an easy way to understand what it's all about. With this book you can dork out with the best of 'em. Here are more than 1,000 words and their definitions, including such gems as: LARP Red Shirt Wilhelm Scream Xenomorph Munchkin* So don't worry if you don't know what a midochlorian is or what to do with a proton pack. With this book, you'll never be confused again. *Which doesn't mean what you think it means, unless you're a fan of roleplaying games.

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Gregory Bergman, Josh Lambert
Adams Media