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Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9780618663798 Foreign Exposure: The Social Climber Abroad

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC

after Two Glorious (though Somewhat Hectic) Semesters With Her Dad In New York City, Mimi Must Make Good On Her Promise To Her Parents: Summer Break With Her Mom. But It Seems Going Back To Her Cozy Old Life In Houston Isn’t In The Cards. Instead, She’s Dragged Off To Berlin, Where Her Mother’s Been Offered A Fellowship. After A Few Weeks Of A Nightmare Nanny Job, It Becomes Clear That Mimi’s European Vacation Isn’t Much Of A Vacation After All. On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown, She Receives A Call From Lily Morton, Her Friend From New York, Who Invites Her To London, Where An Internship At A Family Friend’s Magazine Awaits. Soon Mimi Is At It Again—living It Up With Glamorous Friends, Pursuing A New Crush, And Chasing Down Celebrities At Her Very Entertaining Job. For A While, Mimi’s Convinced She Has It Made. Never Before Has Fitting In Been So Easy. If Only It Could Stay That Way. Mimi May Have Gotten A Handle On The Empire State—but That’s Nothing Compared To The State Of The Empire!kliatthaving Survived Her First School Year In New York At The Elite Baldwin School, Mimi Schulman (the Rise And Fall Of A 10th Grade Social Climber And all Q, No A: More Tales Of A 10th Grade Social Climber) Is Off To Berlin To Spend The Summer With Her Mother. Mimi Is Less Than Thrilled About These Plans. She Has Little In Common With Her Mother (a Psychology Professor In Berlin On A Fellowship) And Can't Stand Her Mother's Hypochondriac Boyfriend. Her Summer Gets Even Worse When, Without Consulting Mimi, Her Mother Volunteers Her To Play Nanny To Annoyingly Precious Twins. It All Becomes Too Much For Mimi To Handle, So She Flees To London To Stay With A Friend From New York. Mimi Scores An Internship At a-ha!, A Celebrity Tabloid. Maybe Her Summer Won't Be So Bad, After All. She's Making Quirky New Friends, Meeting Celebrities, And Living For Free In A Posh Mansion. It Isn't Long, However, Before Mimi's Conscience Gets The Better Of Her And Her Seemingly Cool Job Starts To Look Less Appealing. New Readers May Pick Up This Book Expecting To Find Superficial Characters Living Charmed And Privileged Lives, With Very Little Plot. Thankfully, As Fans Of The First Two Books In This Series Already Know, Mimi Brings Unexpected Depth To The Story. She Continues To Explore Who She Is And What She Wants. To Call Her A Social Climber No Longer Seems Fitting. Her Summer Experiences In Berlin, London, And Back Home In New York All Help Teach Her More About The Person She Is Becoming. Naturally, The Ending Leaves Readers Wondering What Will Happen As Mimi Heads Into Her Junior Year.
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Lauren Mechling, Laura Moser
Hmh Books For Young Readers
December 31, 2006