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Everyday Faith

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  • Author: Terry Pluto
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Writing about religion can kill your career, a friend told sportswriter Terry Pluto. Don't do it, advised media colleagues. Pluto followed his conscience anyway and began writing a new column for the Your Faith section of the Akron Beacon Journal. Turns out it was a good decision: now, thousands of loyal readers turn to his column each week for a regular dose of down-to-earth spiritual inspiration. This book collects the best from the first three years of that popular column. Really, though, Pluto doesn't write about religion. He does write about church and about God. But mostly he writes about the important issues we all confront in everyday life. Like getting along with our siblings. Setting a better example for our children. Listening better to our spouses. How money makes us do silly things. The lure of gossip. Feeling lonely. Giving in to anger. How we feel when our prayers go unanswered. Pluto writes from a very personal perspective, as when he discusses the vanity of his own approach to baldness, or reveals white lies he has used to make himself feel better, or describes the temptation to tell off his boss at work. It's this honestly humble approach to finding the spiritual in the ordinary that gives Pluto's writing such broad appeal. I don't care if you are a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim, or a skeptic; there is a spiritual thirst in most of us, Pluto says. I try to write about God and us and what that means for our lives. For a sportswriter who never thought he'd write about faith, Pluto has brought a great deal of meaning to the lives of his readers. This collection will serve as a great way for Pluto fans to revisit the many inspirations found in his writing -- and to share them with a new audience. a