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Deadly Beautiful

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  • Author: Liana Joy Christensen
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  • Published: 2015-08-15
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Did you know that the humble marmot is responsible for more than one billion human deaths? Or that it's possible to be bitten by a snake's head for up to an hour after it's been decapitated? On the flip side, for every person bitten by a shark each year, 25 people are bitten by New Yorkers. It seems that truth sometimes is stranger than fiction! These facts and many more appear in this fascinating tribute to our world's 'deadly' wildlife. At its heart, however, 'Deadly Beautiful' makes a passionate plea for us to learn to better cohabit with our fellow residents of planet Earth. Ever-increasing concern for the fate of the environment and the world's endangered wildlife means that this book is a particularly timely addition to the world of natural history publishing. Dr Liana Joy Christensen, one of Australia's foremost nature writers, takes a fresh and entertaining look at the 'deadly' animals with which humans have for so long enjoyed a love–hate relationship. These animals are generally not the aggressors nor the lethal killing machines that mythology and tradition would have us believe. Most also serve vital roles in maintaining the ecological balance of their habitats, while their fascinating behaviour and often striking beauty make them worthy of close study, particularly as so many of them are facing the worst death of all -- extinction. "Attempts to restore a sense of perspective about wild animals based on science and statistics ... providing information about animal's natural history and place in ecology and conservation." ~ Freemantle Herald