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Marissa's Books & Gifts 9780345450203 Conviction: A Novel (christopher Paget)

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Conviction: A Novel (christopher Paget)

Fifty-nine days. That's How Long Rennell Price Has To Live - After Spending Fifteen Years On Death Row For The Horrifying Sexual Assault And Murder Of A Girl Whose Body Was Found Floating In San Francisco Bay. But Attorney Terri Paget Has Dedicated Her Life To Fighting For People Like Rennell Price. This Time, Terri Has A Client She Believes May Actually Be Innocent, Which Means That An Unpunished Killer May Still Be Free. Rennell, Along With His Older Brother, Payton, Was Found Guilty Of The Heinous Crime, And The Conviction Has Been Upheld Through One Appeal After Another. But As Terri Spends Time With Rennell And Re-creates The Events That Put Him On Death Row, She Starts To Understand The Forces That Shaped Rennell And The Reason He Has Never Been Able To Defend Himself Adequately. As Terri Prepares For A Last Appeal, She Gets A New Weapon For Her Battle - Fresh Evidence Suggesting That Another Man, Not Rennell, Helped Payton Commit The Atrocity.
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Richard North Patterson
Random House Digital, Inc.