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Boost Your Brainpower

Boost Your Brainpower

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If riddles and puzzles pique your curiosity and start your mental juices flowing, you'll have no problem honing your intellect on this collection of stumpers in Boost Your Brainpower. Your brain is a muscle, and just like other muscles, if you don't exercise it, you lose it. In this amazing collection, you'll be sure to find more than 400 ways to keep your grey matter strong and fit. Keep it in Mind Get your memory in tip top shape with puzzles to test your ability to remember words, shapes, images, and the tiniest of details. Improve your Word Power Work the language centers of your brain! Plus you'll find some tests to your general knowledge thrown in for good measure. Expand your Mind Do you know when your mind is deceiving you? Assess your visual and spatial capabilities through a variety of optical illusions, shape puzzles, and mazes. Reason it Out Test your deductive powers to the limit with a mix of number, word, and sequence puzzles. How fast can you think your way out of a complicated problem? Think Logically How good are you at surveying the facts and finding a smart solution? Try out your strategic skills, reasoning powers, and ultimately, your persistence.

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