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Marissa's Books & Gifts 9780060741648 Biscuit Visits the Big City (My First I Can Read Series)

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Biscuit Visits the Big City (My First I Can Read Series)

The city is a big and busy place for a little puppy ;there are tall buildings, honking cars, and all kinds of new friends to make! Biscuit, that adorable little yellow puppy, and his little girl owner, have gone to the big city to visit their friend Jack. This is Biscuit's first time in the big city, and there is so much to see and do. But as his little girl owner points out the sight; all buildings, big buses, and lots and lots of people; Biscuit seems most interested in making new friends, especially with the pigeons. A My First I Can Read Book, Biscuit's story is told in simple, easy to understand text, with only one or two sentences per page, and lots of word repetition. Woof, woof, or Coo, coo, both fun words to say, appear on almost every page. Fun, colorful illustrations portraying Biscuit's playful nature as he chases the pigeons through the city, enhance the text. Like the other Biscuit adventures before it, this simple picture-word combination make this book an ideal choice for sharing with the emergent reader.

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Alyssa Satin Capucilli, Pat Schories
HarperCollins Publishers
January 2006