Betrayal of Love and Freedom

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  • Format: BOOK
  • Binding: hardcover
  • Author: Huljich, Paul
  • Publisher: Mwella Publishing
  • Published: September 30, 2009
  • ISBN 13: 9780646517070
  • SKU: M4398
Two powerful men—one at the mercy of Bipolar Disorder, the other facing life imprisonment, struggle to regain their freedom. Luke Powers' life has long been punctuated by abrupt changes in fortune, but nothing could prepare him for the possibility of life imprisonment. Facing charges of murdering the forbidden, great, long-lost love of his life, the influential media mogul is powerless to escape his predicament. Is he a murderer? Even he can't say for sure. Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and separated from those he loves, entrepreneur and family man Rick Dellich faces confinement to a chemical straightjacket for the rest of his life. Stripped of all rights as a citizen after suffering a mental breakdown, he commits himself to a psychiatric clinic, desperate to recover his mind and rebuild his life. Two women offering the possibility of love weave their way into Luke's destiny. So, too, does Wong Peng, a ruthless business magnate wielding the dark forces of power. All the while, Rick's tortured search for answers about his mental illness leads him to revelations about his own personal relationships that threaten to turn his world upside down.Will each man succeed in his quest for love and freedom? Both will face challenges that will destroy or transform them, eventually placing the two on a collision course with one another. Set against a backdrop of four continents, Betrayal of Love and Freedom is an unforgettable novel of the struggle for power, for true love, and for ultimate freedom.