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Ballots And Blood: A Novel

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9781433669255 Ballots And Blood: A Novel

Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC

A Powerful Senator With Major Influence Over U.s. Foreign Policy Turns Up Dead In An Apartment Leased By A Dominatrix Service. Thus Opens Acclaimed Conservative Ralph Reed's Sizzling Ballots And Blood, Which Delves Into Washington's Underbelly Guided By The Gimlet Eye Of A Political Insider. When The Police Obtain The Service's Client List, It Is Sure To Spark A Bigger Scandal. An Fbi Investigator Suspects The Murder Is Not What It Appears, But When He Threatens To Uncover A Clandestine Plan To Overthrow The Iranian Government, The White House Intervenes. Congress Debates Military Action Against Iran While Terrorists Plot More Attacks. All This Takes Place During A Bitter And Hard-fought Midterm Election As Both Parties Jockey For Advantage, And The Evangelical Right-led By A Prominent Religious Broadcaster-and Tea Party Activists Flex Their Newfound Muscle. With War About To Reignite In The Persian Gulf, Razor Thin Margins At The Polls, And A Washington Madam Threatening To Reveal Her High-profile Clientele, The Only Sure Thing Is The Nation's Great Uncertainty.
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Ralph Reed
B&h Books
December 31, 2010