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Marissa's Books & Gifts, LLC 9780764219634 Amish Country Crossroads

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Amish Country Crossroads

Three Paths to the Heart of the Amish Country These three bestselling novels will take you deep into the fascinating world of the Amish with family drama you won't soon forget. The Postcard by Beverly Lewis Rachel Yoder, a young Amish widow, escapes from her sorrow by helping her family run a bed-and-breakfast in Lancaster County. A guest's discovery of an old postcard in his room begins to unravel a faded tapestry of secrets in Rachel's community. Rachel must search her heart--and her past--to restore a splintered family tree. The Crossroad by Beverly Lewis Drawn back to Lancaster County, Englisher Philip Bradley struggles with his attraction to a beautiful Plain woman who has suffered unbearable heartache. He fears that his growing affection for her will only bring more of the same. Must they sacrifice a future together for the sake of all they know and love? Sanctuary by David and Beverly Lewis Melissa James has a picture-perfect existence--or so it seems. In reality, she has been looking over her shoulder her entire life. Just as her secrets are about to catch up with her, she seeks a haven in Pennsylvania Amish Country. Will her stay bring her the peace she longs for, or will it bring danger to the Plain community?
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Beverly Lewis
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